‘Goa First’ is AAP’s mantra: Elvis

AAP candidate for the South Goa parliamentary seat ELVIS GOMES in an interview with ROQUE DIAS claims that there is no governance in the state and that the pressing issues concerning Goa and Goans are not pursued with the Centre.

Q: The AAP is contesting the Lok Sabha elections for the second time in Goa. Have there been any changes – from the viewpoint of your party – since the last parliamentary elections?

Much water has flown under the bridge since the last parliamentary elections. I have no clue as how the last Lok Sabha elections were handled.  But I must say that the BJP and the Congress will be rejected by people this time. That is how this election will be different: the voter has a clear choice to teach the BJP and the Congress a lesson. The BJP in particular has only practised the art of survival…. And the Congress rushes to rescue the government whenever it is in danger of collapsing. There has been no sign of any governance.


Q: Enunciate your election manifesto

Our manifesto proposes ‘Goa First’, which will prioritise on environment, culture and governance or ECG. The manifesto will be formally launched shortly. Environment is our priority, and an honest effort will be made to preserve our identity, which has been under threat.


Q: Why do you think that people should vote for you?

The people of South Goa will vote for me because they are totally fed up with the current Goan politics, where all the dirty tricks are used   for political survival. Congress MLAs are up for sale. The only work done by the BJP is towards its own survival. It has not done anything for the people. Former MLAs of the BJP and its leaders, who have been denied tickets, are eager to join the Congress. There has been absence of governance in the state and burning issues like coal pollution, the

nationalisation of rivers, the latest CRZ notification and the mining tangle, which must have been pursued with the Centre, are overlooked…


Q: The Congress has alleged that you have been propped up by the BJP to spilt votes from minority communities. There are rumours which claim that you   had a secret meeting with former chief minister the late Manohar Parrikar to contest the Lok Sabha elections.  How do you respond to the allegations?

The Congress has joined hands with the BJP in manufacturing fake news. The Congress is the ‘B Team’ that not only allowed the BJP to come to power for the first time in 2000, but ensured that the BJP formed the government in 2017… The Congress survives by sending its MLAs to the BJP. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh had come to Goa to see that not the Congress but the BJP formed the government. What more proof do we need to show that the BJP and the Congress are friends? Prime Minister Narendra Modi had said that Robert Vadra would be sent to jail. The late Manohar Parrikar had also said similar things in 2012. Has anyone been sent to jail?  It is like you scratch my back and I scratch yours.


Q: The AAP is contesting the Lok Sabha elections in fewer seats, and hence will not be in a position to play a crucial role in government formation at the Centre. To which alliance will you support, if elected? 

More than being part of government formation, the AAP is concerned about fighting for Goan causes and gaining the respect it deserves. But yes, when it comes to government formation, we will be with the forces that can take a united India ahead.


Q: What do you say about Hindutva politics?

India cannot move ahead with politics that divide the people.