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Goa ATS chief advises business concerns to prioritise security

The Goa Anti Terrorism Squad (ATS) has a team of over 110 personnel including 70 trained commandos. In an interview with Amresh Parab, Superintendent of Police, ATS, Pankaj Kumar Singh says that security infrastructure should be given top priority by all the business establishments. He also says that the Goa ATS has plans to augment its capacity both, at the infrastructure and manpower levels.

Q: In view of the recent terror attacks in Sri Lanka, what are the measures taken by the Goa ATS in sensitising business establishments in the state?

As ATS, our first priority is to review the security of important installations (private as well as government) across the state from time to time. It is also important to advise them thoroughly on all the parameters, which are required to be included in the security plans. There are more than 80 such important installations. Recently, we held a meeting with representatives of major hotels, malls and casino operators. We advised them and highlighted the issues that need to be addressed and all the important parameters that must be incorporated in their security plans. We will be reviewing whether they have done it or not. This review will also include meeting at their installations and later on surprise checks by our ATS team. The idea is to make them more concerned about the security at their installations, as we have seen in the recent incidents across the world that such institutions remain prone to such attacks.


Q What about deploying armed private security guards at hotels, malls or other establishments?

We have advised the business establishments that they can employ armed guards. There are private security guards having valid arms licences. We have sensitised the business establishments on the importance of security aspect. Though private security involves cost factor, other factors also need to be taken into account by the establishments like the brand value, safety and security. The security infrastructure should be given top priority by all the establishments.


Q: What kind of professional training do these private security guards require?

There are already a number of security agencies, which send security guards for training. Security agencies have been brought into the organised domain through the Private Security Licensing Act, 2005, so as per that Act all the security agencies need to have basic minimum training. Besides that, we have training expertise in the ATS unit and we will share with them the training inputs. We will also conduct mock drills and demos at their premises.


Q: The business establishments have been asked to conduct threat analysis, vulnerability assessments, consequence analysis, risk assessments and security audits at regular intervals. Your comments…

We have already advised them. They have to act accordingly and then we will have a detailed discussion at their premises. We will be conducting a comprehensive audit and after that it will be a continuous exercise. We are always available for any assistance, if required.


Q: What is the role of public in preventing the risk of a terror attack?

Members of the public must be cautious. They must keep their eyes and ears open; they should become our eyes and ears. If they spot anything suspicious, they must tell us (dial 100). We expect the citizens not to panic but to appreciate the security aspect and be aware of things around them, which will do a great help in detecting any plot in time. People of Goa are peace-loving and we have received cooperation from all sections of the society.

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