For the love of art

For the love of art

An artistic trio of youngsters are all set to host an art exhibition titled ‘Papa Luigi’ on April 6 and April 7. NT KURIOCITY gets you the details

Two siblings, Twyla Maria Christa Ferrao and Gyles Jose Antonio Ferrao along with their cousin Maria Chloe Tonia Rodrigues are organising an art exhibition titled ‘Papa Luigi’ in honour of their father late Luigi who was a huge admirer of art and their constant support when it came to extra-curricular activities – in particularly art.

The exhibition will be held on April 6 and April 7 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Casa Miguel De Menezes, near Panaji Head Post office.

A dentist by profession, Twyla’s desire to paint is purely driven by emotion; she has been painting since she was a child. She says: “By putting up our work we are showcasing the talent that was inculcated in us right from a young age. So this exhibition is in honour of our love to him on his first death anniversary that is on April 29.”

Twyla used to attend art classes as a child but not anymore. She has incorporated multiple techniques that she has learnt through the years. She says: “My work is usually abstract and I always claim that I cannot draw and have never touched a pencil to my canvas. I splash my canvas with paint and then go from there.”

She adds that she works with acrylic and inks and does not prefer to brand her work. Twyla says: “I would rather have the viewer interpret the artwork for himself.” For the exhibition she will exhibit artworks that she has created over the past few years.

Gyles is currently studying to be an architect and is in his second year at Goa College of Architecture. Like Twyla, he too was immersed in the world of art from a very young age. Since then his style has developed drastically over the years. Initially he started off with black and white pen and ink detailed works, followed by his interest in human anatomy. At present, his love is for watercolour portraiture which is almost always inspired by a phrase or a word. He draws inspiration from music as well. Gyles too attended art classes as a child and had sold two paintings at his first exhibition at the age of 10. His Instagram page is ridonkulous_art99, and displays works of art created in his leisure time.

Chloe is a practicing architect and a self-taught artist. Her works are not confined to a particular style. She believes in being versatile and adventurous in her paintings. “Apart from architecture, I like art because the fields co-relate with each other. Although there is lot of technical designing in architecture, one has to be creative and artistic.”

She adds: “The very essence of my life is art and so for me the various hues of life culminate into one word ie ‘art’. I can see art in the darkness of a room or in the emotion of a young bride or the ripple of a drop on still water.”

Chloe further says that the idea of using your imagination to form your own creation on paper with an amalgamation of lines, dots, sweeps and strokes of colour has been the gift, art gave her – for art has no boundaries and it definitely does not judge its maker.

At the exhibition, Chloe will display artworks she has created over the span of four years. “They are mostly paintings with a composition which has a movement and I like playing with colours,” says Chloe.

About 50 artworks will be on display with each participant displaying more than 10 artworks.



(The art show and sale will be held on April 6 and April 7 from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. at Casa Miguel De Menezes, near Panaji Head Post office. It is open to all)