Fish business affected  very badly: vendors



The fish  vendors  from Margao retail  fish market, on Monday, lambasted the government  for not having made any efforts to restore the people’s trust in consumption of fish that is being sold by them at the market.

“People are still hesitant to buy fish from us. They come,  see the fish from  far off and walk past us. There are no  buyers. The  government says, there is no  formalin in fish, but the people do not listen to them. We are confused,” a fish vendor lamented.

She and several others said that their business is affected very badly.

“When the business was  normalizing, the issue was raked up by the opposition party. Politic cannot be played here,” commented the  president of the   Retail Fish Vendors Association Felix  Gonsalves.

This reporter witnessed during a brief halt how the people visited the market but did not show any interest in  buying the fish.

Few  were  seen  purchasing the fish here.  When this reporters made an attempt to know the  buyers point of view, a woman at the retail market said that they cannot  believe the  government’s  voice on the  fish issue and  risk their lives by consuming  the contaminated fish.

“The wise step would on the part of the government would have been to ban the fish import. If the government  ban the fish import,  I am confident that  in  next eight to  ten days, the people will start consuming the fish and there would be restoration of trust,” voiced another  middle-aged fish eater.