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Farmers against 7th Pay Commission pay scales to Goa Dairy workers

Farmers against 7th Pay Commission pay scales to Goa Dairy workers




Farmers associated with Goa Dairy have tendered their opposition towards implementation of the 7th Pay Commission pay scales for Goa Dairy workers and claimed that the workers do not have the right to demand 7th Pay scales due to the present situation of the dairy.  Farmers Vikas Prabhu, Jayant Desai, Vaibhav Parab, Ramesh Naik and others were present for the press briefing in Ponda on Thursday.

According to farmers, Goa Dairy has started earning profits in both milk production and cattle feed plant after the ouster of people involved in corrupt practices. Farmers agitated to clean up the mess in the dairy and instead of giving the benefit of the profit to farmers, the dairy workers are demanding implementation of 7th Pay Commission pay scales.

“It is total injustice on milk farmers who are the main contributors to the dairy and its business.” claimed farmers.

“The dairy workers never supported the movement of farmers nor voiced their concern for the welfare of farmers. Many workers are aware of the corrupt practices going on in the dairy and still they did not dare to voice their concerns. But when they learnt that the dairy has started making profits, the staff came out and agitated demanding 7th Pay Commission pay scales. This is completely an opportunistic behaviour of the workers and they don’t have the right to demand the pay scales at the cost of the hard work rendered by the farmers” said Vikash Prabu.

According to Prabhu for the last 8 months the dairy has earned a profit of over Rs 6 cr including milk production and cattle feed business. The dairy has recovered losses for the last two financial years and presently has Rs 2 crore as net profit.  In such a situation the dairy should think of their farmers first and should give a share of the profit to farmers in the form of price difference/incentives.

Farmers have also demanded that Goa Dairy should increase the commission of dairy societies from 10 paisa per liter to 50 paisa per liter to support the societies.

Commenting on the ongoing government inquiry on the past managing directors and some board members, the farmers urged the government to complete the inquiry as early as possible and to hand over the functioning of the dairy to the farmers.

It may be recalled that the dairy workers under the Goa Dairy Employees Union had protested outside the dairy in January demanding 7th Pay Commission pay scales or par with government employees. Presently dairy workers are receiving their salaries as per the 6th Pay Commission.


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