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Falling concrete pieces pose danger at Mapusa municipal market building



The five-decade-old Mapusa municipal market building is in need of urgent repairs as concrete pieces of the ceiling in the passage area have fallen off posing danger to visitors and also to vendors occupying the passage. On Wednesday evening, pieces of concrete came down on the second entrance opposite the Central Bank side. Luckily, no one was injured.

Mapusa municipal market building was constructed during the Portuguese era. People from all over the state throng it not only during the Friday market but throughout the year. Over a period, the structure has been neglected as a result water leakage is witnessed across the structure for over last ten years.

However, the shopkeepers have undertaken some repairs in their respective area but still seepage continues. The most affected area is the two side entrances and the passage area where the dampness in the cement can be witnessed as a result, concrete pieces continue to fall.

It may be recalled that the Mapusa municipality has undertaken patch work of the ceiling and now following demand of Mapusa municipal council to undertake redevelopment of market project at a cost of Rs 20 crore which will include roofing for the entire market area, a special budgetary provision has been made by Chief Minister Manohar Parrikar.

A vendor Vithu Poulekar said, “Falling of concrete pieces has been going on and on Sunday also pieces fell down just next the place I sit. We have informed the municipal staff about the incident and hope they would look into the matter.”

Another vendor said, “I was sitting and suddenly pieces started falling luckily there was a customer who just escaped from injuries as he had just moved fraction of second way.”

A shopkeeper Amar Kavlekar said, “We have been raising the grievances with MMC. Shopkeepers have repaired respective area but MMC needs to look into the issue as it poses danger to visitors.” Chairman of Mapusa Merchants Association Ashish Shirodkar said that the plan for renovation of the market is being worked out adding, “It is pending due to various reasons so we hope that MMC will take necessary steps to restore the structure.”

When contacted, chairman of market committee Sushant Harmalkar said, “The major issues is that pipes which are for access of water is blocked as a result water remains accumulated on the floor resulting seepages. As a temporary measure, labourers will clear the blockages and do a check with engineering section to work out a solution.”


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