Educationists give thumbs up for Loliem IIT project

Educationists give thumbs up for Loliem IIT project

Educationists from Loliem have come out in favour of the proposed IIT project at Bhagvati plateau in Loliem saying that such a non-polluting project would be a boon to the villagers. Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’ reporter Albert Fernandes, they said the project is entirely an educational project which would give direct and indirect employment particularly to the locals. They said the apprehensions of the opponents are unwarranted and that such a project would give opportunity to many youth to avail of education of such level right in their backyard

Don’t stifle intellectual

growth of nation

Institutions such as IISC, NIO, TIFR, IIMs, IITs etc are the crowning centres of learning which enjoy higher reputation at National and international level. They play a vital role not only by producing generations of researchers, technologists, but create an ambience much needed for the aspirational growth of future society. Those who oppose such institutions on whatever grounds, kill the nation’s dreams and stifle intellectual growth of our nation. With the news that the Bhagwati temple plateau was selected as the site for the proposed IIT project in Loliem village of Canacona taluka, a section of its populace have expressed worry over issues like environmental, social, ecological etc. The illiterate, the literate and the semi-literate villagers are unnecessarily motivated to believe that the IIT project will affect the ecology of the village, create water scarcity, power shortage etc. The misguided youth are told that the job opportunities will go to the outsiders. The so-called leaders of the group who oppose the project intently miscount the scenario to grind their own axe. Coming up of any institution of the type of IIT will boost the economic, social and cultural prospects of the village.Those opposing the IIT would do well to send a team to other IITs in our country to study the impact and issues related to the institution before forming their opinion and views and build up an authentic database for educating their supporters. He too insists that they should also investigate from the competent forums the modes of electricity and water supply required for the project before making their unfounded claims that the locals would be deprived of their supplies. The opponents of the project should realise that the Goans including the Canconkars who are holding lucrative positions all over the world were educated and trained in institutions like IITs. I hope better sense will prevail over the proposed project, brightening things up for the people of Canacona in particular and Goa in general.

Jairam Gaonkar,

Principal of S S Angle Higher Secondary, Dapot-Maxem

Opposition to IIT unwarranted

The Indian Institutes of Technology are governed by the Institutes of Technology Act, 1961 which has declared them as institutions of national importance. Instead of encouraging an inspiring institution like IIT, a couple of engineers ironically are opposing it which I feel is unnecessary. To be concerned and having queries about the project is a good sign but even before putting forth valid concerns before the authorities and clearing  doubts I think it is grossly irrational to wave the red flag and whip passions of a largely uninformed people. I haven’t read or heard anything of people around other IIT centres in India causing garbage, water or power problems. Perhaps many of us are unaware that 2016 proved to be a bumper year for 22 IIT aspirants from Goa. It is a positive sign that more and more Goan youngsters are taking up various national-level competitive exams and showing good results. And with committed coaching institutions like Aryaan Study Circle (2006) and PACE Education Pvt Ltd (2014) proving to be very successful, the road ahead could only get clearer for our talented youngsters. Besides making sound economic sense, setting up institutions like IIT in the state will generate awareness and help provide the right motivation to ambitious Goan youngsters in the years ahead.   Moreover, educational institutions constitute a non-polluting sector (unlike mining or industries). So promoting academic institutions would be a big step forward in diversifying the local economy to the advantage of its locals; thus, providing a stable and growing source of revenue for the panchayat and its constituents. May be we will wake up in time to see the all too obvious difference between very commercial private land grabbers and the HRD ministry’s educational initiative.

Tony Martin,

Higher secondary teacher & freelance journalist

Such project with proper planning should be welcome

I support the project and any educational project with proper planning vis-a-vis with discussion should be welcome by the villagers because it will promote environment conducive for learning. People come in contact with intellectuals due to such projects. Besides generating employment, educational growth of the area will get a major boost. If the project is a polluting one, any individual/villager has a right to oppose it but a project of this sort, that would build up the intelligence base, should be welcomed wholeheartedly. No doubt, alongwith good things some negative things will be there but one should not brood over them but sit down and find solutions. Proper planning should be the focal point at this stage rather than opposing such prestigious educational project.The so-called a few people who oppose it say that the temple activities would be affected which is false as there is lot of land here. Many educational institutions are seen today existing on devalaya lands; one  such example is the Nirakar Vidyalaya school at Maxem.

Hemant Kamat,

Headmaster of Nirakar Vidyalaya, Maxem