Easter makeup Look 2019

Roanna Silveira

Easter is a feast that comes right when spring ends. It represents rebirth and new life. When we think of Easter, we obviously don’t think of makeup, but at the same time a lot of us attend Easter mass or family dinners or other events on the day. One doesn’t want to misstep with a smoky eye or a bright statement lip on this day! So, what does one wear on Easter?

This is a great time to go for pink tones! Pastel tones flatter lighter skin tones, while deeper rosy shades complement deeper skin tones better.

How to get the look

This Easter stay on trend with glowing skin and pink tones in your makeup.

Skin prep

Makeup sits well on well-prepped skin.

Exfoliate the skin, so that no rough patches of dead skin cells show up under your foundation.

Moisturise the skin well.

Apply some lip balm to the lips in anticipation of lipstick, so that it has time to work. Dry lips show up under lipsticks and look very unflattering.


It’s all about that base! Start with a small amount of foundation from the centre of your face and then blend it outwards for an even, yet more natural base. Get a glowing fresh look by using a glowing foundation, not a matte one. If all you have is a matte foundation, add a drop of illuminator to get that all over glow. If you get very oily, don’t add illuminator in your foundation.

You can use the illuminator at high points of your face - the cheekbones, above the brow bone, centre on the nose bridge and cupid’s bow. Add a tiny dab at the inner corners of the eyes to make them look fresh and awake.

Conceal dark circles well. This look is all about looking fresh and springy. Use a tiny brush for pin point concealing of blemishes and use a slightly bigger fluffy brush to buff over bigger areas of pigmentation.

Use a cream blush. Pat a small quantity of the blush on the apples of the cheeks, and blend it out and upwards. Use your foundation brush to buff the edges away, so that you are left with a flush of colour and not two patches of rouge on your face.

Use powder all over the face if you are prone to oily skin or only the areas that you have concealed if you have dry skin.

Contour might be too harsh for this look, but if you cannot live without it go for a subtle application with contour powder and blend it well so that it is seamless with your skin. This look is more about fresh skin, and not a glam contoured one.

Add highlighter to the same spots as the illuminator, to keep the look glowy and fresh.


Start with a natural eye shadow that has sheen but not a glittery eye shadow. There are some great options in crayon form that are perfect for this. Apply this all over the mobile lid and blend with fingers or a brush if that’s your preference.

With a deeper matte colour (even a contour powder would work) and a small fluffy blending brush, intensify the crease at the outer corner of the eye, making sure to blend that well with the lid colour.

With the same shade, blend this along the outer edge of the upper lash line and gently smoke out the lower lash line.

Use a highlighting shade to brighten the inner corner, also sweeping along the first third of the lower lash line.

Curl the lashes and add generous coats of mascara to thicken and elongate them.

Eyeliner isn’t necessary because this look is all about mascara and lips. However, if you cannot live without it, go for a brown that is more subtle than black and smudge this along the lash line.

Fill in your brows with the product of your choice, pencil or powder, but keep it fairly natural. Brush through with a spoolie to keep it looking soft and natural.


This look is all about the lips. Stick to the same chromatic tones of your blush. If you have paler skin, go for a brighter lip or a pastel shade. If you have deeper skin, go a rich rosy shade. Wipe off any excess lip balm with a tissue. Line the lips precisely with a lip liner in the same shade as your lipstick. Fill in the lip as well to create a base for the lipstick to stick. Apply your lipstick, and pop it in your bag for touch ups if needed.

Hope this makeup look helps!

Wishing everyone a happy and blessed Easter!

(Writer can be contacted at roannasilveira@gmail.com)