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Downloading opportunities in gaming

The gaming industry is flourishing in India on the back of increasing use of smart phones and constant need for new and engaging forms of digital entertainment. Gaming startups funded by venture capitalists are making news by the day. In Goa the government is keen on promoting gaming units to boost the local IT industry and also harness local talent coming out of the local engineering colleges. Recently, CIBA Assagao organized a game development workshop in order to increase awareness of game development as a career option.

“The gaming industry has overtaken movies in terms of sector specific income and there are several opportunities for youth. Our aim at CIBA is to expose Goan youth to explore different opportunities in the field of ITES so they can build a strong and sustainable career in future,” said Amey Karmali, manager, CIBA.

Over 35 plus individuals attended the program which began with a brief introduction of CIBA and its activities. This was followed by Greg Acuna (founder of Planet Earthlings) sharing his knowledge on game development and the work that he has been doing out of Goa. He also spoke about the opportunities in this sector and how someone can build build their career in game development. Greg has a small team and is working out of CIBA incubation center, Assagao and is ready to guide individuals interested to take up game development.

“We are planning to start a community of game developers in Goa through the support of enthusiast individuals in this sector,” said Karmali. The workshop was coordinated by Neville on behalf of CIBA.

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