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Dis Dakoilai Novo

Dis Dakoilai Novo

Audio Review

After the release of ‘Ek Uzvadd Tum’ and ‘Tum Ani Hanv Mellonk’, Jerry and Joanita has come up with ‘Dis Dakoilai Novo’ which is a celebration of Konkani music.

Nephie Rod has given a good start with ‘One Step Two’, a hip hop track that can be easily used for dance parties. Trumpet and bass packs punch in this track. ‘Char Dis Late’, is rendered quite well by Rosario de Benaulim which tells about how God answers prayers in his time and is never late. The title track, ‘Dis Dakoilai Novo’ is a tribute of love from a mother to her son, who has been ordained a priest.  Nephie and Jerry have brought out several emotions through this song.

Lawry Travasso continues in style with the catchy ‘Arre Munxea’, warning people not to amass wealth while trampling on others and ‘Goencho Carnaval’ has Nephie singing the traditional ‘carnaval’ that existed long back in Goa.

Jacob and Lourdes leave the listener laughing with the humorous number ‘Amkam Xikoita’. With the help of ‘Ponchvis Koxim Dissonk Nam’ Joanna de Souza raises a beautiful toast to a couple who have completed 25 years of marriage. Lawry’s ‘Veller Ravlom’ describes the reaction of nature, as he waits on the beach for his loved one, and ‘Koxe Porim Gomoum’ by Nephie with Jerry is of lovers who are about to separate. Rosario pays an excellent tribute to God the Creator. ‘Deu Mhozo Chuki Korinam’ is a song of trust and thanks to God, for a wonderful daughter the doctor had advised to abort. ‘Pixem Mhaka Muntat Lok’ by Nephie, touches the heart as she pines for a lover who deserted her, while the final track ‘Cigarette Hi  Voddtanam’  is a response by Jerry, to the previous song, regretting his mistake. The beautiful lyrics have been composed and set to music by Jerry De Souza. Each and every song has a well chosen, different subject. I don’t think there are many songs composed on such subjects of the title track. The beautiful music is an additional bonus. Tony Dias plays the keyboard and has provided a pleasant arrangement. The backing and fillers are a treat to the ears. The music is played by some of the finest Goan musicians. Senon d’Souza blows a fine trumpet, Colin D’Cruz adds a pleasantly subtle bass, Allan Moraes is just right on the drums and Seby Fernandes strum a fine guitar.

By playing the violin Keith Antao adds a certain class to the music. The album is recorded at Veltuned Studios, Benaulim by Velroy Fernandes and the cover is designed by Rohit Ranjan.

Jerry and Joanita have released this album with great thanks to the God, for the wonderful talent. I would recommend this to all Konkani lovers.

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