Dempo SC rally to beat Sporting Clube de Goa




Dempo SC played in patches, to stitch a 2-1 win over Sporting Clube de Goa in the Goa football Association (GFA) Professional league at Dempo Football Academy ground in Ella, Old Goa on Wednesday. The win has helped the hosts consolidate their position at the top of the table.

In a match that saw players of both teams shine in patches, Sporting Clube de Goa took the lead in the fourth minute when Stendly Fernandes shot at goal and his effort was punched by Dempo goalkeeper Tyson Caiado towards Marcus Mascarenhas whose attempt was once again deflected by the dempo keeper for Glan Martins to score.

The early goal took Dempo SC by surprise and the combination of Glan, Stendly and Marcus kept haranguing the Dempo defense with their deft crosses and shots from top of the box. However, if not able to beat Tyson, there were not on target.

Glan Martin could have scored his second goal in the 18th minute when he took a nice try from top of the box. However, Tyson rose to the occasion to punch the ball for an abortive corner.

Dempo SC took time to settle and came closest to scoring around the 20th minute when Jessel Carneiro’s effort from the left was well collected by Sporting goalkeeper Melroy Fernandes. Jessel’s effort brought rhythm into the Dempo attack and they managed to equalise three minutes later through their dependable striker Joaquim Abranches.

Pedro sent in a nice cross into the sporting box in the 23rd minute and Joaquim who was around neatly headed the ball in to bring the two teams on an equal footing.

Sporting Clube de Goa started the second session, like the first, enjoying the upper hand in the first minutes. They earned three consecutive corners in the 48th minute but failed to capitalise on either. Stendly who played second fiddle to Glan in the first session, had a telling effect in the second, covering lot of ground- moving from left to right and trying to find his colleagues in the open in the Dempo box.

Sporting star player Victorino Fernandes, who was kept on the bench, started around the 58th minute but before he could get a feel of the game, Dempo SC took the lead through Joaquim Abranches who once again finished the day for his team by scoring a brace.

The moment of magic happened in the 68th minute. Joaquim first took a nice shot at goal which was parried away for a corner by Melroy. Of the resultant corner, a goal mouth mêlée ensued and Joaquim slotted in the winner.

Stung by the reverse, Sporting put their feet down on the pedal and tried to break through the dempo cordon time and again. First , Stendly sent in a cross that took the Dempo defenders by surprise but , neither Victorino or Mauvin Borges  could convert an easy chance.

With time running out, Mateus replaced Glan with Gautam and Dempo’s Sameer Naik brought in Beevan in place of Pedro and the changes had the sdesired result– Beevan , with his experience, helped slow the pace of the game and Sporting tried to up the tempo.

Sporting Clube de Goa had two chances in the final minutes and both went a begging and Dempo SC finished with a clear four point lead over champions Sporting Clube de Goa.