Bureaucratic hold over administration will loosen in coming days, says Vijai

PANAJI: Maintaining that the state administration, which had slowed down during the past few months, would now gather speed following the formation of the new government, Deputy Chief Minister Vijai Sardesai on Thursday said that the bureaucratic hold on the administration as experienced by the ministers during the final months of the Parrikar regime will also loosen in the coming days.

He further maintained that the periodic assessment of the cabinet ministers will start soon, so that the non-performing ministers are made accountable.

“The new Chief Minister Pramod Sawant is young, fit and active, and would be directly interacting with the bureaucrats, which will certainly result in loosening of the bureaucratic hold on the government,” the Deputy Chief Minister observed, pointing out, “However, he will have to take the advice (of the council of ministers) to correct the situation pertaining to the bureaucratic hold on the administration above the political power.”

Speaking to ‘The Navhind Times’, Sardesai said that Parrikar had the capacity and capability to ring up the central government ministers and get funds for Goa. “However, there is no leader in the state Bharatiya Janata Party set up, who has that power,” he opined, adding that the BJP Members of Parliament from Goa, which includes a Union minister would have to work hard for getting financial assistance from the Centre to the state.

“The entire Centre-state relation vis-à-vis the ruling party and the type of clout it holds in the central government would be put to test on the funds issue,” the Deputy Chief Minister said, noting that with Parrikar there was absolute guarantee, he could get the things done over telephone. “And this applies even for Congress party as none of the local Congress leaders could work such wonders, when their party was in power at the Centre,” he stated, mentioning that even though the new Chief Minister is from the BJP cadre, he would have to really work hard to get funds for Goa.

“Prime Minister Narendra Modi is a person who churns out one scheme per day, and therefore, the Chief Minister will also have to be in touch with what is happening in New Delhi, and get these things for Goa,” Sardesai said, pointing out that the administrative acumen and positive attitude of the Chief Minister towards work would be tested.

Sardesai also stated that the new Chief Minister has got two months in his hands to get ready to run the state administration. “The election code of conduct for the Lok Sabha election will be in force till May end and during this period, the government will have restrictions including formulating policies,” he observed, adding that the new Chief Minister therefore, would not be put to test immediately, and can utilise the two months, which is quite a long period in Goan politics, to prepare himself for the position he is holding.

On a parting note, the Deputy Chief Minister said that the periodic assessment of the government – not only from the point of view of longevity of the government through the relation with its allies, but also for personal evaluation of the ministers – as regards how far is the reach of the ministers, will show which minister was non-cooperative and who was non-performing, during past two years.

“The assessment will further point out whether such person must be holding his position or not,” he quipped.