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BMW Motorrad GS Trophy ready to roll

Team B&C, reports on the selection competition in Goa for the BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy 2018

The first BMW Motorrad International GS Trophy India qualifier came to a close in Goa after three days of training, riding, adventure and a spectacular finale at Cancona recently. With the competition still in the balance right up to the final round of qualifiers it was an adrenaline gushing finish with the best three emerging victorious to represent ‘Team India’.

Sanket Shanbhag from Satara, Suprej Venkat from Coimbatore and Winston Lee from Mumbai emerged as the Motorrad team India. All three riders will go on to make history by forming the first team from India to enter the Motorrad international GS Trophy- the sixth edition of which will take place in Mongolia in 2018.

President, BMW Group India, Vikram Pawah,  said, “The GS Trophy is an integral part of the culture of the Motorrad. We are ecstatic to introduce the qualifiers for our GS customers. The Motorrad community in India has truly engaged with the spirit of the GS Trophy and we are sure that this success story will continue for a long time..”

Travelling to Mongolia to see the Indian team in action is not for all. But in the meantime Goans had a chance to witness the qualifier rounds. Throughout the duration of the GS trophy qualifier there were range of exhilarating on and off-road challenges held over two competition days like slalom, parallel logs, walk the bike over stones, stop in a slope, coffee grinder, elephant turn, tyre mamba, slow race, walk a circle, the garage as well as practical, teamwork and navigation tests around the region.

A nationwide search for a trio of GS riders to form a team to contest the International GS Trophy resulted in staggering applications by riders across India. Challenges across the qualifier rides included skill test on parallel log, slalom, riding on log, garage, hill climbs, descents, truck tyres, water crossing, braking downhill, sand passage and offset parallel log.

The Motorrad GS Trophy 2018 will be held in Mongolia for 10 days. Team India will compete against other teams from Argentina, Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Japan, Latin America, Mexico, Russia, Southeast Asia, South Africa, South Korea, United Kingdom and United States of America.

The GS Trophy is not a race, but the special stages confront the participants with a major physical and mental challenge. It is a competition wherein riders enjoy a near-2000km adventure ride, mostly ridden off-road. Along the way they compete in a series of challenges that are consistent with the BMW GS lifestyle and designed to exercise their intellectual, riding and navigation skills, their knowledge of, and ability to live in, the natural world – and their ability to come together as a team.

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