Bandora STP issue remains unresolved

Bandora STP issue remains unresolved

Nirgosh Gaude | NT


Though the entire state is witnessing election fever with campaigning going on in full swing, Bandora in Ponda taluka seems to be quiet and so an ‘exception.’

According to the locals, not a single candidate has visited their village since the election has been declared; information obtained from the panchayat  reveals that not a single development work has been done under MPLADS in the last term in the village.

Bandora is home village of the former deputy CM and Marcaim MLA Sudin Dhavalikar and he has been representing the constituency for the last two decades.

“A lot of issues have been raised by the  villagers in the past, but never got the required support from their MP. For the past many years, the MP did not show any interest in the local issues or come out in the open in the support of any issue,” expressed the locals of Bandora.

The residents of Undir, Bandora have been opposing the construction of sewage treatment plant (STP) proposed in their village for the past two years alleging that the panchayat or MLA did not take them into confidence.

The villagers staged several protests and also approached court and other authorities over the issue, and still the tussle between the villagers and panchayat is still on.

The MP never ever interacted with locals or tried to know about their issues, said the Undir residents.

Besides the STP, the villagers have also been opposing rampant development in Katamgal, Farmagudi; the villagers are of the opinion that the panchayat should not grant NOC to any project in Katamgal.

Some locals had also expressed their unhappiness over the presence of Sanathan ashram in the village, and the issue was raised several times in the local gram sabha with the people demanding ban on it.

“The South Goa MP never tried to solve the issues of the villagers. And, it might be due to the good relation he had with the local,” alleged locals during the interaction with this daily.

“The sitting South Goa MP Narendra Sawaikar had visited Bandora five years ago for the election campaigning, and  did not make a visit after that. While, the new candidates too have visited the village,” said the locals.