Art through doodles

Art through doodles


A professional wall artist, doodler and illustrator, Mamta Singh who drew her first doodle ever on an empty wall in her house and somehow knew what she wanted to do for the rest of her life will be conducting a doodle art workshop at 91Springboard on April 20. Though she has been travelling across India for this workshop, it will be her first in Goa.

The objective of this workshop is to impart knowledge on doodling with hands-on training on different materials which will be provided to participants. From making handmade gifts to creating wall murals to redesigning old objects to simply doodling in your notebook, doodling can bring tremendous amount of creativity which is the main aim of this workshop.

The four-hour workshop on the complete basics of doodling is for artists and non-artists. She informs that the workshop is meant to explore one’s thoughts, creative insight and enable one to put one’s thoughts onto paper. “The workshop is to give new ideas and inspiration to an artist and aspiration to the non-artists who want to be creative and express themselves. Doodling can be done by anyone but when done correctly it becomes art. This workshop offers that level of creativity exploration,” adds Singh. She has conducted these workshops in Philippines and has received a good response both in India and Philippines.

Through this workshop participants will learn about the basics of doodling, materials, tools and techniques used, generating ideas, refining your work, the basics of patterns, basics of lettering and how to know your own style. Those above 10 years of age, beginner level artists and non-artists can participate in the workshop.

Singh learnt art from the internet, books, hobby classes, by working with many artists and after a lot of research and practice.

As a student of commerce, law and business management, it wasn’t easy for Singh to leave everything behind and start something which seemed to be a far-fetched dream, but her passion to give life to her seemingly impossible dream is what makes her successful today. It was in the year 2012 that she started selling handmade products like mugs and diaries and eventually expanded to wall art, doodling, conducting workshops, illustration, murals and art installation. By mid-2016, she moved full-time into this profession. She says: “I come from a family of politics and lawyers. I am a lawyer, I did my LLB and answered NET in management and became a lecturer for MBA students. I am the first one in my family to do such thing.”

When asked what led to her interest in doodling, Singh says that financial crises led to her working in other fields like events, as a counsellor for computer courses, trainer, lecturer, etc. Art was one of them. “I found out from the internet that people are drawing on mugs, diaries, etc, and selling them and earning, and so I started practising and gradually got interest in doodling because it was simple and easy and doable.” She mostly doodles about things she sees, observes and has thought about.

Singh who works in three forms of art says that each form of art is interrelated and doodling is common in all. “I am into commercial works, so in most of my work the theme is given by the client and I draw around that theme. A doodle is basically a mindless drawing and what I do is create mindful drawings out of mindless ones and hence every art I do is interconnected,” Singh explains.

She feels doodling is a trend because of social media and also because it is easy to do. Commenting on Inktober initiative, Singh says that such a platform helps budding or already famous artists. She adds: “Everything demands consistency and the Inktober challenge pushes you to do that for a month which gives enough motivation to all the participating artists. Anybody can do these. By the looks of it, it seems complicated but when you do it, it’s actually very simple. That’s what my workshop teaches, how to do it effortlessly and how to make original art. You can start learning this from the age of five.”

Talking about her favourite art form, she says that from mindless doodles she derives illustrations and these illustrations are the basis of the murals, hence everything is favourite. For doodling and illustrating she normally uses pen and acrylic colours while she uses acrylics and plastic paints for murals.

Singh is also the author of the book ‘How to Know Your Style’.

(Doodle art workshop will be held at 91Springboard, Panaji on April 20 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)