AAP to take up rickshaw drivers’ subsidy issue

MARGAO: AAP convenor Elvis Gomes, on Thursday, lent support to rickshaw drivers in Cuncolim who have been demanding subsidies under the central governments poverty alleviation scheme that the municipality bodies distribute.

Speaking to media persons, Gomes said that though the subsidy was already sanctioned from the Centre, rickshaw drivers who had applied for the scheme are yet to receive the subsidy.

“This particular scheme was launched for urban poverty alleviation under which beneficiaries get a subsidy of Rs. 4,500 which was sanctioned two years ago, but has not reached these rickshaw drivers who had applied for it. We had inquired with the DMA (directorate of municipal administration) and we later learnt that the subsidy was released but was used for something else. Some of the beneficiaries that had applied have already passed away,” he said.

The subsidy released by the central government is routed through the local municipality to be disbursed to the beneficiary. But with no clarity on where the subsidy has reached, Gomes said he was ready to knock the doors of the court if required.

“We are ready to file a case against all of those that are involved in this mess. This is only a matter of giving Rs 4,500 but is not done. Most of these people have had to take loans instead and those who have passed away should be given compensation along with the subsidy. We will take whoever is involved to the court,” said Gomes.