A brush with spirituality


As the holy season of Lent is being observed by Christians everywhere, there are various activities being organised to help people ponder on the Passion of Christ.

In keeping with this, four artists, namely, Fr Peter Mendes, Gail Gomes, Avril Vaz, and Oraine Almeida have come together for an art exhibition titled ‘Passion for Christ’ which opens today at Pallotti Home, Chicalim. The exhibition has been curated by Fr Carlos Luis (SAC).

All students of art, with three of them presently studying at Pyde Pyper Art Academy, Dona Paula, the group began planning and preparing for the exhibition about two months ago. “As we are in the season of Lent, we decided to reflect on different themes based on the Passion of Christ. About 17 themes were chosen ranging from the washing of the feet, breaking of the bread at the Last Supper, different dimensions of the crucifixion, crowning of thorns, etc,” says Fr Carlos. Each of them have explored these themes in their own unique style be it through acrylics on canvas, oil paints, watercolours, mixed media. While two of them have previously exhibited their works as part of the academy, this is the first time that they will be putting together the show by themselves.

Avril from Nachinola, will be exhibiting her works for the first time and believes that this is the ideal platform for her to showcase her talent. “It’s my passion that drives me to get these paintings done but more than that it is the love for Jesus that keeps me actively involved in it. A painting definitely makes me more connected with the Almighty, His love and His sacrifice for us all,” she says.

A Pallottine priest belonging to the Society of the Catholic Apostolate famously known as Pallottine Fathers, Fr Mendes states that the art exhibition shows the deep passion for Christ. “In my works I have merged theology with art. The idea is not just to put out a painting but also to convey a deeper meaning,” he says.

Oraine states that she has been profoundly inspired by Fr Mendes’ canvas paintings. “This was also a spiritual experience which reminded me of the struggles of Jesus,” says the young artist who also hails from Nachinola.

The fourth artist Gail has also done five paintings for the exhibition, including angels glorifying God, the death of Jesus, the women weeping upon seeing Jesus suffering and The Pieta. “I just wanted to paint The Pieta because it is a beautiful symbol of pure love, how Mother Mary was completely obedient to God’s will and how helpless she was to see her innocent son suffering to save mankind,” says Gail, who lives in St Inez.

“Viewers will be able to reflect on these themes on a different level than would be possible from just reading about it,” adds Fr Carlos. He further adds that the exhibition is not just a journey of faith but also to deepen our faith.

(The exhibition will be on display from today till April 6 at Pallotti House, Chicalim)