450 years AND COUNTING

450 years AND COUNTING


Commemorating the 450 years celebration of St Andrew’s Church, Vasco, Archbishop of Goa and Daman, Filipe Neri Ferrao urged the congregation to be living examples of Christ’s values.

He narrated an incident that dates back to when the communists were ruling Eastern Europe and destroyed the churches and persecuted the Christians there. A youngster courageously said: “You’ll have succeeded in breaking the stone church but how will you destroy the faith of Christ in our hearts? We will be the living examples of Christ values.”

Connecting this instance with today’s scenario, he said that it is important for us to live our life on the teachings of Christ and be examples of his values as it is not by chance that we have become his disciples, rather he has appointed us to carry his teachings to others.

The Archbishop also emphasised on living a life of consideration and concern and said that we need to be more considerate towards others, reach out and help people in need. He also appealed to the Vasco parishioners to strengthen their faith in Christ.

The Eucharist was con-celebrated by several other priests who previously served at the Vasco parish. A message of congratulation was also sent by Pope Francis on the occasion, wishing the parishioners on the 450 years celebration.

Parish priest of St Andrew’s Church, Fr Gabriel Coutinho also expressed his happiness and thanked the Jesuits for laying the foundation of the church and thanked all the other members of the congregation like the priests and nuns who worked over the years to strengthen the faith of the people.  The Eucharistic celebration was followed by a cultural programme.